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Club Meets: Service

Club meets are a great way for new and old members to get together and get to know each other a little better. Whether it's a spirited drive on the Black Mountain pass, club photoshoot or a static meet we always attract some of Wales' best Ford owners. Regular club meets can be found on the calendar page or on our social media pages.

Once a year we put on an annual club day

In 2017 we held our first summer club meet, an event funded by members through membership fees and our intention is to continue to grow this year on year into a family fun day combining our passion for cars and family. The 2019 event saw an array of bouncy castles, popcorn machines and our BBQ on full gas feeding the large number of members who attended. This included free food and drink for those attending as well as some other planned activities as well as trophies for 'car of the meet'. Whilst 2020 hangs in the balance currently, we still have big plans for future annual club family fun day's and will continue to build on prior success with the support of everyone in the club.


Keep an eye on our social media platforms or blog for updates and information!

Annual Club Day

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