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Welsh Ford club wax!

We're extremely happy to have formed a partnership with Jayswax, and now able to bring a Welsh Ford wax to the you! Due to the time of year our first wax venture will be based on Jay's extremely popular ceramic wax. A 5 month + protection wax which will get those daily drivers through a typical harsh British winter. Not only for the daily drivers, but a protective coat of wax is also a good idea for the garage ornaments and will help keep the moisture from getting into the paint when laid up. Towards show season we'll look at a show wax ready for the summer months! A little on the product itself; Jay's ceramic wax is an easy-on, easy-off sio2 car wax with impressive water repellent and high

Cowbridge cars & coffee meet 2017

Now the second year we've attended Cowbridge cars & coffee event and a firm favourite of the yearly meets. The event is run by The Bear Hotel on the Cowbridge high street and attracts some of Wales' best vintage, classic & unusual vehicles. Different cars seem to come and go throughout the day with plenty of rubber neck moments as a Maclaren or vintage chopper passes up and down the street. It's not always easy to capture everything on show with a moving display, but we caught a few Fords throughout the day - for more pictures of the general event check out the Cowbridge cars and coffee Facebook page (plenty of photographers covered the event!)


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