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Silverstone Classic - another level...

We’ve just returned home from a weekend at Silverstone Classic filled with epic race cars, automotive pornography at every turn and an experience that would be hard to beat! A few members have been in previous years as visitors and urged us to get a stand this year. It’s safe to say they made a fantastic decision. It’s not cheap at about £100, but when you consider that gets you 2 days, 2 people and the Calibre of cars of display and things to do it’s actually quite a bargain. The main pro is the level of access you have. The pits are open, the race cars are accessible and the cars are as raw as you’ll see them on race day. As you’ll see from the photos you can get as close as you want and w

6 months in...

Our blog has been a little quiet since our last post in April, so what better way to re-ignite it other than a half year round up? And what a half year it’s been. • Club membership has far surpassed our yearly target and just yesterday evening we were sticking a stamp to member #133’s envelope to be posted today. • We have taken home not only one but two trophies this year! Both at (what I would call) big shows. “Pure Ford - club of the show” and “West Wales RSOC Regional Day - Best visiting non-RS stand”. A fantastic achievement and only possible with the support of those displaying and attending with us so far this year. • Breakfast meets have been a big success attracting new owners i


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