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So we made it into the _fordfair_officia

We are pleased to be sponsored by Redline Performance who are based in Ely, Cardiff.

Redline are a one-stop shop for vehicle customization, body repairs, paint work and race car preparation. Run by Kris & Jason (Jaffa), they have established a highly respected family company in Cardiff who cater for a wide range of projects - from super cars to classic Ford's and everything in between.

Between Kris & Jaffa they have a whole host of vehicles, but they are well known for their touring car replica Sierra Cosworth's, WRC replica Escort Cosworth's and also MX5 race cars which they race competitively.

You can contact them on 02920 599776 or call in at Unit 14, Argyle way, Ely, Cardiff.

Be sure to mention Welsh Ford when using Redline Performance!