Welsh Ford was formed in 2007 by a few friends who had a passion for Fords and wanted to attend shows together under a collective name. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and become one of the biggest car clubs in Wales, certainly the largest single manufacturer club!

Our success has been built on the members and their dedication to the club, with many members volunteering their time and now assisting with the running of the club. But we are showing no signs of slowing down, with the member base across social media and at events constantly growing and attracting some of Wales' best blue ovals to the ranks. This success really shows when we hold club meets or attend shows with often one of the largest club stands at most shows.

New members are always welcome to join Welsh Ford and we have no requirements apart from a passion for the Ford brand. If your car is standard, highly modified or anywhere in between you are very welcome to enjoy this fantastic club. There is no fee to join, but we have a membership scheme which will give you access to fantastic benefits as well as access to display your vehicle securely at shows with the club. Find out more about club membership on the membership page.

Please search for us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and news on upcoming events, or use the links at the top of the page. 

So if you're looking for an enthusiast club to join look no further, Welsh Ford is here for you!

Welsh Ford


Welsh Ford, like many other car clubs, originally had a thriving online forum. But with the changes in smart phone tech, forums going quiet and enthusiasts changing to a simpler more accessible platform we took the plunge into moving the club onto social media. We have a large following on Facebook and Instagram with over 13,000 followers combined between them. We also have a Facebook group page which is the main member interactive page for day-to-day chat.


You can find the social media links at the top of each page of the website, or follow the below links to follow and join us today!

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Facebook club page

Facebook group page

Instagram club page


Welsh Ford offer a membership scheme to all Ford owners to enjoy enhanced benefits of the club such as discounts, food at certain shows and our member funded events. Membership is not compulsory, but it is a great way to support the running of this club and give us the flexibility to offer a better experience to all those involved. Yearly membership costs £15. For more info on membership take a look at the membership page, or if you're ready to sign up use the below button