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Meet The Team

Welsh Ford Owners Club was formed in 2007 and mostly, since it's start, been run mainly by one or two people. In recent years we took the decision to put together an admin team to further develop the club. There is no financial advantage to being part of the club staff so each person below dedicates their time only for the enjoyment and benefit of the club and it's members. Whilst we welcome and encourage everyone to voice an opinion and contribute as little or much to the club as you want, there remains a need for dedicated staff to assist in the running of the club on a daily basis and at events and shows.
If you have a few hours a week to spare and want to get involved in helping shape the club as it continues to age then get in touch!

Adam Bowler

About Me: Ford enthusiast for many years and have owned a huge number of Fords over the years including most of the older RS & Cosworth models. Owner of Series One Recovery Services, covering the whole of the UK transporting performance and prestige cars for dealerships and enthusiasts.

First Car: Mk2 Escort, RS2000 spec with atlas, rocket box, BVH, twin 45's and some other extras

Current Car(s): S1 Escort RS Turbo x2, Mk1 Focus RS, Sierra Cosworth, Cosworth powered Mk4 Escort Cab, Transit Custom and x2 Transit recovery trucks for work.

Dream Car: McLaren F1/Ferrari F40/current Ford GT


Ethan Jones

About Me: How I got to be an admind of Welsh Ford, its hard for anyone to believe! But here I am and I'm not hard to miss. Always dedicated and always here to help where I can! I attend most, if all WelshFord events, and I'm hard to miss. Come say Hi!

First Car: Volkswagen Polo

Current Car(s): Mk7.5 Fiesta ST

Dream Car: Ferrari F40 - realistic an Escort Cosworth! <3


Jade Barnett

About Me: I joined ​the Welsh Ford admin team back in early 2019 to help out with managing the classic car side of the group. I attend nearly all the shows with Welsh Ford, you will most probably find me standing guard of my other half's Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico lol!


So please come and say hi!!

First Car: Citroen C2 Furio

Current Car(s): Mk4 Ford Escort XR3i Cabriolet, Alfa Romeo Mito

Dream Car: Escort Cosworth


Alex Davies

About Me: Constantly kept busy juggling the running of a club, a full time job in the motor trade and a young family. Part of the club right back to 2009 and since then helped grow the club to what it is today. I'm at pretty much every meet & show WF attends and can help wherever possible.

First Car: Mk1 Focus Zetec 1.6, which sadly threw a rod on the A470!

Current Car(s): Mk1 Focus RS, Mk3 Mondeo ST Derv

Dream Car: Ferrari F40 - realistically a 50's F100 or Model-A as a hot rod/rat rod


Grant John

About Me: Aircraft engineer for the past 14 years & interested in anything with an engine. Started off my motoring life on a 50cc scooter and currently on my 20th road vehicle! Past cars and bikes include a Mk7 zetec-s, BMW 1 series, Audi A4, Kawasaki Ninja and Suzuki GSR750.

First Car: 50cc scotter at 16 then a Peugeot 106

Current Car(s): Mk7.5 Fiesta ST, Hyundai i40 and Suzuki SV650 bike

Dream Car: Pagani Huayra


Jason Ross

About Me: With one model of Ford or another being my primary car throughout my driving life; being aware of the Welsh Ford Owners Club for many years; seeing its stickers on Fords and stand at various shows, I just had to become a member. It was a real honour when Alex asked me to be on the Admin Team. Really proud to be part of such a great family club with such a high standard and variety of Fords. Its members come from all over and are as equally passionate about Ford as they are supporting fellow enthusiasts. They're are a fantastic bunch and together make this club a great family club to be part of.

First Car: Mk1 Fiesta 1.3 GL

Current Car(s): Mk7.5 Fiesta ST MR230, 2012 Audi A3 Sport

Dream Car: Ford Escort Cosworth

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